Loft Conversion in Sevenoaks,
Tonbridge and the Surrounding Areas

Do you want to create more living room for your household, but without any losses to the already limited land surrounding your home? The highly skilled builders and carpenters at Oakleigh Carpentry & Construction Ltd are here to help. Our stunning loft conversions increase your property’s habitable space, and all within its current footprint. We excel at transforming these dark, musty storage areas into attractive, comfortable new rooms tailored to your lifestyle requirements and design aspirations.

Based in Borough Green, our company covers all surrounding locations in and around Kent. In addition to our hometown, a selection of our key service areas includes Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, West Malling, Kings Hill, Hildenborough and Paddock Wood.

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Choosing Your Loft Conversion Design

As a team of builders and carpenters sharing over 80 years of trade experience, Oakleigh Carpentry & Construction Ltd converts lofts in all available styles.

  • VELUX Conversions
  • Dormer Conversions
  • Hip-to-Gable Conversions
  • Mansard Conversions

    Your property’s architectural design will have a significant influence on what conversion options you can choose. Fortunately, most of the above are versatile enough to apply to most types of home.

    For example, VELUX, dormer and mansard conversions suit most terraced, detached and semi-detached houses in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and the neighbouring areas. However, your current roof must have at least one hipped side if you want a hip-to-gable conversion.

    Before you even start choosing between conversion types, you must first assess whether your loft meets the suitability criteria.

    The easiest and fastest way to check this is by measuring your loft’s head height. This measurement, taken between the floor and tallest point of the roofing structure, must be at least 2.2m. This is the minimum recommended clearance needed for a simple, straightforward conversion.

    If your loft’s headroom comes in at 2.1m or less, it’s still possible for our builders and carpenters to carry out a conversion. However, before the conversion process itself, we must undertake large-scale construction work to create the necessary extra room. The solution typically comes in one of two ways: lowering the ceilings immediately beneath the loft or raising your roof.

    Permitted Development Rights

    In many cases, loft conversions qualify as a permitted development. As a homeowner, you can undertake certain improvements and developments without the need for prior planning approval. But your proposed work must fall within the set limitations. If you live in a conservation area, you will have more restricted rights.

    If needed, Oakleigh Carpentry & Construction Ltd happily provides advice and guidance to help create a compliant design.


    Loft Conversion Options Explained

    VELUX Conversions

    Our builders and carpenters perform these conversions within your current roofing structure, which remains largely unaltered. The only change to your roof comes when we install the rooflights into the existing slope, creating a light-filled space.

    VELUX conversions make an ideal solution if the loft in your Sevenoaks, Tonbridge or Kent-area home is large and spacious to begin with.

    Dormer Conversions

    These conversions involve the building of a structural extension (called a dormer) which rises vertically out of your roof’s slope. Typically integrated to the roof at the rear of a property, this boxy-addition creates new habitable space with impressive headroom and floorspace.

    Your new room comes with vertical walls and a flat ceiling.

    Hip-to-Gable Conversions

    This conversion involves transforming the hipped side of your current roof into a gable. As such, it involves more construction work than VELUX and dormer conversions. After removing the hipped section of your roof, we extend the outer wall upward while building a new horizontal roofing structure out to meet it at a right angle.

    The room beneath your new gable roof has a considerable amount of floorspace.

    Mansard Conversions

    As with hip-to-gable loft conversions, our builders and carpenters also undertake a large amount of construction work to alter your original roof. This involves the replacement of the current pitched slope at the rear of your home with a structural addition.

    This roofing upgrade has a gradient of 72 degrees, giving your new room a distinctive inward slope.

    Oakleigh Carpentry & Construction Ltd manages your conversion from start to finish. In addition to the building and carpentry work, this includes all electrics, plumbing, heating, insulation and internal decorating.

    By optimising these existing structures, we can help you unlock your home’s true potential.

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