Property Extension in Sevenoaks
Home Renovation and Loft Conversion: How Much Disruption to Expect

Are you planning a large-scale home development project like a loft conversion or property extension? Or do you want to breathe new life into a dated or damaged structure with a kitchen refurbishment or wider home renovation? No matter which of these jobs you’re investing in, it’s only natural for your focus to drift toward life after the onsite work. To help balance expectations for the duration of your project, however, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the disruption caused during the physical build.

As builders and carpenters based in Borough Green, outside of Sevenoaks, Oakleigh Carpentry & Construction Ltd has a stellar reputation for achieving unmatched levels of customer satisfaction. Key to this success is our clear, honest communication from start to finish.

Below, we have focused on the pre-build; specifically, the levels of disruption you can expect with certain projects.

An Insight into the Disruption You May Face

Property Extension

Do you need to extend your Sevenoaks home? As with loft conversions, the level of disruption in and around your home depends on the type and size of addition you opt for. For example, it takes our builders and carpenters approximately 3 to 4 months to construct a 3-metre, single-storey rear extension. This extends to around 6 months for a double-storey structure.

Please note, these estimates do not include the planning and design stage. To avoid disappointment, you must factor this into your project, be it an extension, kitchen refurbishment, home renovation or any type of conversion.

If it qualifies as a permitted development, your property extension won’t need planning approval. You will also need to find out if you require a party wall agreement with your neighbour(s) too. Should your job need both, the entire process, from design to completion, could take a full year.

During the physical build at your home, our builders and carpenters generate an unavoidable amount of noise and dust. But you can rest assured, we minimise this wherever we can. With more than 80 years of industry experience, we find effective solutions for making life easier. These include access to basic amenities where possible and dust protection in the areas you continue to use most. However, we advise limiting the time you spend in your house while we carry out work.

Loft Conversions

Generally speaking, converting your loft can take anywhere between 8 to 16 weeks. Unsurprisingly, the average comes in at around 12 weeks. The exact figure for your own project in Sevenoaks depends on which conversion style you choose, as well as multiple other variables.

A simple VELUX conversion has the shortest turnaround, while mansard conversions tend to bring the most disruption. This is due to the amount of roof alterations our builders and carpenters need to make, even before starting on the conversion itself.

Unlike kitchen refurbishments and other home renovations, you won’t feel a huge sense of intrusion, especially during the outer build. Our team uses a scaffold and access hatch in your roof to complete most of the conversion. This means we don’t need to continually pass through your house.

The most disruption comes when we move to the staircase installation, linking the new space with the floor below. But this is one of the final tasks and only takes 1 to 2 days to finish.

Home Renovations and Refurbishments

Much like loft conversions and property extensions, the disruption associated with your renovation or refurbishment depends on its scale. A single-room job, like a kitchen refurbishment, puts that area out-of-bounds. Due to the internal nature of the work, our builders and carpenters will also need to create an access route to and from the site.

The larger your renovation in Sevenoaks becomes, the more disruption you will face. However, with full home renovations, it’s unlikely you inhabit the property anyway, primarily due to its rundown or damaged condition.

For all renovations and refurbishments, we formulate a management system to contain the dust we produce. Our team always works with the care and respect your property deserves.

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