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Property Extensions and Home Renovations | Pre-Build Considerations

Are you planning to improve or develop your home in the coming months? Be it a kitchen refurbishment, loft conversion or property extension, you’re likely already thinking ahead to how your new or refreshed space will improve your family’s quality of life. Then, of course, there’s the excitement of decorating and furnishing too. However, as the time-served builders and carpenters managing your project from start to finish, we recommend spending just as much time focusing on the pre-build considerations.

Home renovation, conversion and extension work all involve a considerable amount of construction at your Tonbridge home. Below, we have listed some of the most important matters in the preliminary phase that require your attention.

Your Pre-Build Checklist

For the services covered below, we have not focused on more obvious considerations such as your budget, design and planning approval requirements. The points we have covered are not exhaustive, but only an insight into the scale of the pre-build phase.

Property Extensions

As with loft conversions, home renovations and kitchen refurbishments, the main aim for most house extensions is to create more space for a better quality of life. However, you still want your project to increase the value of your Tonbridge home. But this isn’t always so straightforward.

The extent to which your extension will increase your property’s market value depends on multiple factors, including: the quality of the work your builders and carpenters produce, the type of room created and the local ceiling prices.

You will also need to assess whether your current boiler can handle a larger home. Failure to address this could see you immediately run into issues with heating and hot water supply.

Other potential obstacles include:

  • Trees on or near your property with a TPO (tree preservation order)
  • The limited rights you have when living in a conservation area
  • Whether or not your proposed property extension covers a sewer
  • The possible need to secure a Party Wall Agreement from your neighbour

    Loft Conversions

    The most pressing issue before you even contact our builders and carpenters is whether the loft in your Tonbridge home has the required headroom for a straightforward conversion. To avoid corrective construction even before the conversion process starts, your loft should have a head height of at least 2.2m.

    Whereas kitchen refurbishments and home renovations have an array of potential options to choose from, you have a choice of 4 conversion designs. And not all of these will suit your property type. The 4 styles of conversion are VELUX, dormer, hip-to-gable and mansard. You can learn more about these on the Loft Conversions page.

    Unlike a property extension, you must keep in mind that your conversion comes with an access staircase linking your new room with the floor below. This is a significant structural addition that must have a minimum width of 36 inches. In addition to the change of use for your loft, you must consider how the new staircase will alter the way you use your current top floor.

    Home Renovation and Refurbishment

    When refurbishing a single room in your Tonbridge house, you must remember that, for the most part, it will be off limits until the work is complete. For example, if you want our builders and carpenters to perform a kitchen refurbishment, it’s important to find a solution for your mealtimes. Options can include integrating a small kitchenette for basic cooking, buying microwave meals or eating out more.

    For larger home renovations, you should always start your project with a professional building survey. This is the most effective way to highlight major issues your property may have prior to drawing up your renovation budget. Surveys cover typical concerns like the condition of the roof, damp and all-round structural integrity.

    Before commencing the physical renovation, you should also draw up a schedule of works. While this may seem obvious, many such projects start without them. Lacking a clear pathway forward, work can become chaotic. You may then find that you end up paying more for services that efficient management would have minimised.

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